Action alerts are intended to quickly inform you on policy/regulatory issues that are relevant to you. Not only will they inform you, they provide you a vehicle through which you can be involved in the issue and have your voice heard by lawmakers.

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Our communication and policy specialists will craft pre-populated letters and emails addressing the policy issue on behalf of MOGA members.  We encourage you to read through the email content before signing your name to it and sending it to your legislator (whose address will be provided).  That being said if you want to craft you own emails to legislators please be sure you are cautious that lawmakers don’t mistake your opinions for those of MOGA membership as a whole. If you have anything you wish to add something or have other ideas on the issue feel free to reach out to MOGA for more information!

Never underestimate the power of a large number of voices collectively speaking on an issue!


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2016 REPORT:

Advocates across all facets of the Michigan Oil and Gas Industry helped make the 2016 Legislative Education Day a Success! Teams of advocates had the opportunity to meet with over eighty legislative offices to share the Michigan Oil and Gas Industry Economic Impact Study and discuss Oil and Gas at both state and county levels. The day also included educational sessions that ran concurrently with legislative meetings, as well a well-attended cocktail reception where members had the opportunity to meet with even more legislators.

Many offices have reached out to MOGA expressing their appreciation for the opportunity to meet face to face with knowledgeable members of the industry and are looking forward to future Legislative Education Days. 

2017 Legislative Day Registration Open Now!

Please join us Wednesday, February 15 for the Michigan Crude Oil and Natural Gas Legislative Education Day, hosted in partnership by Michigan Oil and Gas Association (MOGA), Michigan Association of Professional Landmen (MAPL), Bay Area Desk and Derrick Club (BADDC) and Northern Michigan Chapter of API (NMCAPI).

The November elections brought change, both to nation’s capital and Michigan.  The Michigan House of Representatives welcomes 43 new members this year.  This is an important opportunity to lend your voicer to the support and protection of the jobs and businesses that help shape Michigan’s home state energy production. 

On February 15 we will continue to tell the positive story of our Economic Contribution Study on a county-by-county basis.  Meetings will be scheduled for you in advance and you will be part of a team that will visit legislators from throughout the state.

Other educational opportunities are offered when you are in-between meetings and the day will close with a legislative cocktail reception from 4:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.

A full agenda and registration materials can be found on the MOGA Events page. REGISTER TODAY!

Please join us for this FREE event and consider bringing members of your staff, colleagues or partners in the industry. 

Over 60 meetings have already been scheduled with legislative offices.  REGISTER NOW so MOGA staff can get your meeting schedule to you prior to the event.

** Please note that in additional to the orientation hosted on February 15, we will also host a live webinar on Thursday, February 9 at 10:30 a.m. to review the materials for the day.  Sign up for the webinar at

When: Wednesday February 15th, 2017 

Where: Lansing, MI

Sign Up Now on the MOGA Events Page! 

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