MI's Oil and Gas Industry's Economic Impact by Legislative District

County Level Economic Impact by MI Senate District

County Level Economic Impact by MI House District 

Get to know your Michigan Legislature (The Basics)

There are 148 seats in the Michigan Legislature.

38 Senators

Majority Republican (27)

Minority Democrat (11)

Senators hold 4-year terms, with elections running concurrently with the elections for Governor. Senators are limited two 4-year terms.

Senate Leadership

Lt. Governor: Brian Calley (R) Since January 1, 2011

Majority Leader: Arlan Meekhof (R) Since January 1, 2015

President Pro Tempore: Tonya Schuitmaker (R) Since January 1, 2011

Minority Leader: Jim Ananich (D) Since January 1, 2015

110 Representatives in the State House

Majority Republican (63)

Minority Democrat (47)

Representatives hold 2-year terms and are limited to three 2-year terms.

House Leadership

Speaker of the House: Tom Leonard (R) Since January 11, 2017

Speaker Pro Tempore: Lee Chatfield (R) Since January 11, 2017

Majority Floor Leader: Dan Lauwers (R) Since January 1, 2017

Minority Leader: Sam Singh (D) Since November 11, 2016

Minority Floor Leader: Christine Greig (D) Since January 1, 2017

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