2017 Energy Education for Michigan (EEM) Fall Scholarships Awarded

EEM_Scholarship_Thank_You.PNG  In 2017, Energy Education for Michigan (EEM) completed its Scholarship   Application Re-vamp with the help of MOGA's Education Committee. This   re-vamp was intended to honor the original intent of the donors to both   the James Bigard and Tony Howard Scholarships while increasing the   reach of EEM scholarships. A combined, fully online application has   accomplished just that.

 This Summer/Fall we had:

  • 34 Applicants
  • Applicants from 10 different Michigan Colleges and Universities
  • 20 Majors and specialties represented 

 We are excited to announce the fall 2017 EEM Scholarship   recipients. Cutting edge technologies and bright young minds like these   will continue to drive Michigan’s industry into the future. 



James Bigard Scholarships:

  1. Austin Johnson (WMU) studying Geoscience
  2. Ariel Magyar (GVSU) Seeking a bachelor of Science in Engineering: Computer Engineering
  3. Cody Stoddard (MTU) Geology and Geological Engineering

Tony Howard Scholarships:

  1. Keagan Cottick (FSU) Welding Engineering Technology
  2. Nolan Nowak (FSU) Welding Engineering Technology

Tony Howard Renewal Scholarships:

  1. Troy Bearden (FSU) Welding Engineering
  2. Gavin Chupp (FSU) Integrated Studies/Business Administration (Engineering Management)
  3. Andrew Guise (UofM) Computer Science
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