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Our communication and policy specialists will craft pre-populated letters and emails addressing the policy issue on behalf of MOGA members.  We encourage you to read through the email content before signing your name to it and sending it to your legislator (whose address will be provided).  That being said if you want to craft you own emails to legislators please be sure you are cautious that lawmakers don’t mistake your opinions for those of MOGA membership as a whole. If you have anything you wish to add something or have other ideas on the issue feel free to reach out to MOGA for more information!

Never underestimate the power of a large number of voices collectively speaking on an issue!


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Michigan's Oil and Gas Industry Legislative Day 

2019 REPORT:

Advocates across all facets of the Michigan Oil and Gas Industry helped make the 2019 Legislative Education Day a Success! we were able to get a positive touch with all 148 legislative offices on one of the busiest days in Lansing. Working together to educate new and returning leaders on our industry, we've cultivated a positive platform for continued discussions with our elected leaders. 

Legislative Education Day by the numbers: 

  • 60+ MOGA Members and Partner Association Legislative Day Attendees.
  • 134 Meetings with Legislative Offices.
  • Over 50 Legislative offices, Department leaders, and heads of partner associations attended the legislative reception.

Members sat down with House and Senate leadership on both sides of the aisle and shared the positive impact of our industry with committee chairs and committee members on nearly a dozen committees in the legislature. The 14 remaining legislative offices that we were not able to meet with still received packets of information, showcasing the positive impact of Michigan’s oil and gas industry on the state and in their communities. This ensured that all 45 new State Representatives, 29 new State Senators, returning legislators, and legislative staffers were provided the benefits of our home state energy production, before joining us for the cocktail reception at the Radisson.

2017 Report:

A sincere thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 Michigan Crude Oil and Natural Gas Industry Legislative Education Day!  We appreciate the partnership that brought together the powerful voices of the Michigan Oil and Gas Association, the Michigan Association of Professional Landmen, the Northern Michigan Chapter of API and the Bay Area Desk and Derrick Club. 

Your voices in Lansing make a difference!  In a term-limited legislature, nothing can compare to having the hard-working men and women who are part of an important industry go to legislative offices with a positive message.  Your efforts will make a big difference in creating a more positive tenor in legislative conversations over the next 2 years!

We encourage you to stay connected to your elected officials throughout the year by attending local coffee hours or in-district events in your hometown.  These are great opportunities to continue to build real relationships with your elected officials. 

Legislative Education Day by the numbers:

- 100 Legislative meetings with legislators and staff

- 80 MOGA/ MAPL/ NMCAPI/ BADDC members attending legislative meetings and events

- Over 50 legislative offices at the cocktail reception

- Over 30 partner organizations, DEQ, and DNR attendees at the cocktail reception, including the Director of the DEQ, the Director of the DNR, the Deputy Director of the DEQ and the Chief of the Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals.

Just a few of the positive comments we got on the meetings from the legislative offices:

“We enjoyed the meeting. Thank you!” – Senator Hune’s office.

“Thank you! We appreciate your willingness to assist with questions moving forward. Glad we were able to set something up.” – Representative Steve Johnson.

“Senator Horn appreciates you all for stopping by our office and sharing the great information on Michigan Oil and Gas! We will be sure to contact you with further questions.” – Senator Horn’s office.

“Thank you for writing to follow up our meeting last week. It was a pleasure to sit down with your colleagues to discuss the oil and gas industry in Michigan and your policy priorities. I appreciate the information that you shared and your offer of expertise to me on key legislative issues in the future. I will certainly take advantage of your offer should the need arise. Once again, thank you for taking the time to meet with me and if I can ever be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact my office”. –Senator Rebekah Warren.

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