Attorney General Nessel Comments on UP Energy Task Force Report on Propane, Urges Prompt Planning to Prepare for Shutdown of Enbridge Line 5

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel submitted comments on the draft report recently released by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s UP Energy Task Force, in which she urges prompt planning to prepare for a shutdown of Line 5. 

“It is imperative that our state is prepared to implement a cost-effective replacement of propane supplies currently provided by the natural gas liquids the Line 5 pipeline transports,” said Nessel. “The Governor's UP Energy Task Force is  focusing on the steps necessary to ensure we meet the energy needs of all Michiganders for generations to come and I commend the task force for their prompt work on this issue.”  

In her comments, the Attorney General argues that the technical report shows that shutting down Line 5 need not cause propane shortages or large price spikes, because of the identification of a number of robust and diverse alternative supply options for delivery to the Michigan market such as transporting propane by rail from other supply hubs. Additionally she notes that supply disruptions will likely result in only modest wholesale price increases. 

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