DetNews Editorial: Hydraulic Fracturing Critical to Economy

Hydraulic fracturing has been a topic of conversation on the campaign trail. And, according to a Detroit News editorial, some of the candidates are taking the wrong approach.

fracturing_detnews.jpgHillary Clinton has established an uncomfortable trend of saying outlandish things to get through this election. So while it’s hard to believe she would actually regulate fracking out of existence — as she claimed in the Democratic debate in Flint Sunday — her comments signal the country’s energy revolution is still on thin ice.

In that editorial, the News states:

Fracking has almost single-handedly revived parts of the industrial Midwest that faced economic disaster, and helped the U.S. achieve significant energy independence. It’s also saved American consumers billions of dollars in energy costs. Clinton should be singing fracking’s praises rather than running to the left of her unshakeable rival, the socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, and his supporters. When Clinton served as secretary of state, spreading fracking to other nations was a big part of her plan for energy diplomacy.

The topic certainly will continue to play a role in the upcoming race.


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