Earn A Premium Return with iGO Insurance


The opportunity for companies to participate in an insurance program that offers a dividend based on individual performance is unique. iGO (Insurance for Gas & Oil) was designed with this approach and rewards MOGA members with the opportunity for premium return up to 15 percent for their individual performance.

After 18 months of being insured through the iGO program each insured becomes eligible for the individual dividend based on their first year performance. Each year after, this dividend is calculated and paid annually. For instance, if company XYZ’s annual Automobile, General Liability & Worker’s Compensation premiums are $100,000 and your loss ratio is below 10 percent you would be eligible for a $15,000 paid in cash. In the event your loss ratio exceeds 10 percent you are still eligible for the dividend until you exceed a 24.6 percent loss ratio.

Please contact Steve Merten at Larkin Group to learn more about this cost savings member benefit insurance program at [email protected] or call 231-947-8800.

Learn more about MOGA's iGO insurance program here


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