A Closer Look at the new EDF Methane Study


IPAA's Energy In Depth has identified several issues with the Environmental Defense Fund's Recent Methane Study 

According to an article recently published by Energy In Depth, these include; 

#1. Exclusive Use of Facility-Scale Study Data Goes Against National Academy of Sciences’ Recommendations and Likely Exaggerates Emissions

#2. Lack of Industry Collaboration Goes Against National Academy of Sciences’ Recommendations

#3. “Alternative” Emissions Estimate That Is In Line With EPA Greenhouse Gas Inventory (And Past EDF Research) Is Not Included In Report

#4. Attempts to Discredit Study That Finds Misrepresentation of Episodic Events Can Lead to Inflated Emissions Estimates Via Daytime Bias

#5. Despite EDF’s Alarmist Characterizations, Natural Gas’ Climate Benefits Remain Clear

You can read detailed explanations on each of these issues online on the Energy In Depth, Climate & Environment Webpage 

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