Fossil Fuel Free is a Misguided Pipe Dream

In a recent opinion piece featured in the Detroit News, Jay Lehr, Ph.D., a senior policy analyst with the Ottawa, Canada-based International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) details the many hidden benefits and advantages of oil and gas that few ever consider. From efficient transport to electrical production to the numerous petroleum derived products, oil and gas have transformed our lives. 

Speaking at the America First Energy Conference in Houston in November 2017, Roger H. Bezdek, of Management Information Services, Inc., summed up:

“What have fossil fuels done for us recently? They are the foundation of our current economy. They created (and sustained) the modern world. They permit the current high quality of life we all enjoy. Over the past two centuries life expectancy has more than doubled, populations increased eightfold, real incomes have increased worldwide more than eleven-fold.”

"If you think life was great in 1860 — a time without electricity, airline travel, widespread internal combustion engines, refrigeration, air conditioning, cell phones, Internet and computers — then, yes, stop using fossil fuels. But don’t impose your standards on the rest of us."

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