Governor Whitmer Signs Emergency Rules Allowing State Agencies to Conduct Remote Hearings

On Friday, October 16, Governor Whitmer signed emergency rules allowing the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) and the Michigan Public Service Commission (PSC) to conduct remote hearings. 

According to the Governor's press release, 

"Despite the Michigan Supreme Court’s recent ruling, MOAHR has administrative rule authority to continue to conduct hearings by telephone or video conference in order to reduce the risk to all hearing participants of both the transmission and a resurgence of COVID-19.  However, the current ruleset does not apply to administrative hearings held on behalf of the Michigan Employment Relations Commission (MERC) and the Michigan Public Service Commission (PSC)". 

This narrow emergency rule amendment will therefore revise Rule 121 of the MAHS administrative hearing rules, Rule 792.10121, to allow MOAHR to continue to remotely conduct hearings on behalf of the MERC and the PSC. 

Emergency Rule Allowing Remote Hearings

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