Governor Whitmer Signs Executive Order Expanding COVID-19 Emergency Declaration and Declaring State of Disaster

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has signed Executive Order 2020-33, expanding the current COVID-19 Emergency Declaration into mid-June. The order also formally declares a State of Disaster.

“Since Michigan announced our first confirmed cases of COVID-19 three weeks ago, we have taken some of the most aggressive measures in the country to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect Michigan families,” said Governor Whitmer. “Today’s action will allow my administration to respond more effectively to every facet of this crisis. During this time, it’s crucial that Michiganders continue to stay home and keep their distance from others. We will get through this together.”

While the Governor has multiple independent powers to address the challenges Michigan now faces, the powers invoked by Executive Order 2020-33 provide important protections and should remain a part the state’s ongoing efforts to combat this pandemic. The individual emergency orders, including Executive Order 2020-21 (Stay Home, Stay Safe), expire at the time stated in each order, unless otherwise continued.

The Governor will need a concurrent resolution from the State House and Senate to extend the state of emergency and disaster declared in EO 2020-33 by 70 days from the date of the resolution. See the Governor's letter to Speaker Chatfield and Majority Leader Shirkey.

In a statement responding to Whitmer’s request to extend the current state of emergency another 70 days, Shirkey, R-Clark Lake, said Senate Republicans are prepared to support a “reasonable” extension. But because the circumstances surrounding the virus have changed so rapidly, “we feel a much shorter extension is logical to help protect our citizens and support our health systems,” he said. “We agree that emergency circumstances persist in our state and are prepared to support an extension of the Governor’s emergency declaration, but feel a 70-day extension is too long," he said.

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