Hart-Montague Trail Gets Boost From MNRTF

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and the Park Endowment Fund were put to great use on the Hart-Montague Trail.

The William Field Memorial Hart-Montague Trail State Park was developed in 1989 as one of the first “Rails to Trails” parks in the state. The 22-mile paved trail, located in west Michigan, winds through rural and wooded terrain and through the communities of Hart, Mears, Shelby, New Era, Rothbury and Montague. A number of scenic overlooks and picnic areas are located along the route.

The DNR and MDOT partnered to rebuild the 22-mile paved trail from Hart to Montague. The trail reconstruction and safety improvements project included enhancements, such as widening the trail from 8 feet to 10 feet, repairs to bridges, overlook decks, culverts, signage and road crossings, and grading and drainage improvements to ensure the longevity of the rail-trail improvements. Construction took place from spring to fall 2015 with additional work to finalize the project in spring 2016.

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