How Much Would a Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing Hurt Michigan?

A new report out of the U.S. Chamber's Global Energy Institute examines the economic benefits of the shale revolution and the consequences of ending it with a ban on hydraulic fracturing. The report looks at the U.S. Economy as a whole without the benefits of hydraulic fracturing before diving into state level impacts in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Michigan. 

The Key Findings of the Impact of a Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing Would Have on Michigan (by 2025).

  • Job impacts (in 2025) -516,000
  • GDP Impacts: -$159 Billion
  • Household Income Impacts: -$88 Billion 
  • State and Local Tax Revenues Impacts: -$13.5 Billion
  • Federal Tax Revenues Impacts: -$26.4 Billion 
  • Cost-of-Living Increase (Per Capita): $5,170

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