iGO was Made for MOGA Members


The iGO insurance program was designed and built specifically to benefit MOGA members. Businesses in the oil and gas industry have historically demonstrated a track record of safety and risk management leading to reduced exposure, risk and insurance claims. A program designed to reward these efforts with upfront competitive rates and a premium return up to 15% for profitable performance just makes sense.

Oil & Gas operator, oilfield equipment rental, oil & gas lease work, oilfield service contractor, oilfield welder, pipeline contractor, roustabout, water well drilling, well service, work over operator, natural gas processing, dirt work contractor, electrical contractor, excavation contractor, flow tester, hot oil service contractor, drilling contractor . . . These are examples of the businesses that can qualify for this member benefit program. 

The iGO program is being underwritten by the National American Insurance Company (NAICO). They are an insurance company with 25 years of experience working with clients in the oil and gas industry.

We will be highlighting additional program advantages in future blogs.

Please contact Steve Merten at Larkin Group to learn more about this cost savings member benefit insurance program.


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