Industry Advocates: Legislative Day Survey


Thank you for all of those that helped make our Michigan Oil And Gas Industry Legislative Education Day a success! Many legislators and offices have reached out to express their appreciation for the opportunity to meet with and hear from you!


Despite the incredible benefits of new communication technologies and platforms, face-to-face communication remains paramount to advocacy, as emails and phone calls lack the nonverbal cues that help to drive the message home.  Legislative Education Days allow legislators to meet the hard working people the make the industry possible in Michigan. Make sure to join us for the next one!

The Results are in!

A big thank you goes out to those who were able to take our Legislative Day Survey and turn in their legislative meeting report forms. Here are some highlights:

  • When asked if the Legislative Education Day was beneficial for yourself, your company, and the industry as a whole, 94 percent agreed or strongly agreed.
  • If an urgent legislative issue were to arise 88 percent of survey responders indicated they would like to be contacted to meet with their legislator.
  • 100 percent of Survey Responders said they would consider attending in 2017!

We are also excited to have attendee feedback on things to improve upon for future legislative education days in Lansing. These comments have been saved and we will continue to add to the list as we prepare for the opportunity to repeat the event in 2017, where we will have a chance to meet new incoming legislators and touch base with familiar faces. Many of the comments centered on the provision of information in advance to the Legislative Day, so make sure you register early!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with comments, suggestions, or questions.

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