Join the "Great Lakes. Michigan Jobs" Coalition

MOGA has joined the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Manufacturers Association, Michigan Laborers Union, Michigan Petroleum Association, Michigan Chemistry Council, Michigan Propane Association, and Lake Superior Community Partnership in a coalition in support of the Straits Tunnel Project.

Together, the group has launched a new website to share the benefits of protecting Michigan’s critical energy infrastructure and developed social media toolkit.

To check it out and learn more, or join in support, visit


Join the Great Lakes, Michigan Jobs Coalition! Michigan residents of both political parties and from all coasts and both peninsulas are demanding the Great Lakes Tunnel. 

It’s what’s best for Michigan, and our coalition is growing.


The Great Lakes are more than a natural resource.  They’re Michigan’s way of life.  Our state’s identity, our traditions, and our jobs depend on healthy Great Lakes, and we fight to defend them. 

The Great Lakes Tunnel protects the Great Lakes, taking an oil and gas pipeline out of the water and burying it 100 feet under the lakebed. According to a state study, buried that deep the Lakes are protected from the risk of an oil spill, while the lakebed, fish, and wildlife remain safeguarded and undisturbed.

The Great Lakes Tunnel supports Michigan jobs – jobs building the tunnel, jobs “up North,” and jobs across the Lower Peninsula that depend on the affordable fuel and petroleum products the tunnel will deliver.

The Great Lakes Tunnel protects people’s paychecks. Funded 100% through private sources and requiring no increase in your taxes, the Great Lakes tunnel will prevent energy shortages and rising costs for the products and utilities we use every day.

Membership benefits include regular updates about the tunnel project, information about local activities and events, and opportunities to add your voice to an important statewide discussion. What do we ask of you? Nothing more than the opportunity to send you a bi-weekly email and a chance to add your name to our list of supporters.

Sign up below, or email us to download our coalition toolkit and get involved today!


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