Legislative Spotlight

Each month we will be doing a feature piece on one of our legislative leaders; taking a look at their district, their relationship with our industry and hearing from them on Michigan’s homestate energy production. The legislative spotlight will be archived here after it appears in the news section of the MOGA website and will be featured in the bi-weekly newsletter as well as the Michigan Oil & Gas News Monthly editions. We encourage you to reach out to the featured elected officials to thank them for supporting Michigan’s oil and gas industry and to share the great work we do in their district.

As you may recall, in February at the Legislative Education Day, Michigan’s oil and gas industry folks sat down with House and Senate leadership on both sides of the aisle and shared the positive impact of our industry with committee chairs and committee members on nearly a dozen committees in the legislature. We will be hosting another Legislative Education Day in 2021, but in the meantime, we encourage you to visit your house and senate member while they are in-district. You can stay connected to your elected officials throughout the year by attending local coffee hours or in-district events in your hometown to introduce yourself and your company. These are great opportunities to continue to build real relationships with your elected officials and keep our industry front and center in the minds of the important decision-makers in Lansing.

MOGA has county by county fact sheets on the positive impact our industry has in every county of the state for your use.  It’s never a bad time to reach out to your elected officials and tell them about the work you do in their district, the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund projects the industry contributes to in their area, or the importance of Michigan’s critical energy infrastructure, like Line 5, to our businesses and our state.

Senator Curt VanderWall ( R MI 35)

Senator Rick Outman (R-MI-33)

Senator Jim Stamas ( R-MI 36)

Senator Sean McCann (D-MI 20)


Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield (R-MI 107)

Representative Daire Rendon (R-MI 103)

Representative Triston Cole (R-MI-105)

Representative Annette Glenn (R-MI-98)

Representative Scott VanSingel (R-MI-100)


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