Legislators Continue to Show Their Support for the Tunnel Project

Representative Cole's Press Release on Line 5 

“This wasn’t a decision made overnight – it was a well thought-out agreement reached between state leaders and the company a couple years ago. The plan will not only protect our Great Lakes for generations to come, but will provide an abundance of jobs to Michiganders. One of the companies Enbridge selected is also Michigan based; the attorney general has now put good-paying union jobs on hold as she spouts ignorance about the tunnel. -Rep. Triston Cole.

Representative Bellino's Press Release on Line 5 

“The agreement reached between state leaders and Enbridge a couple years back is the common-sense answer Michigan families’ need,” Bellino said. “The tunnel project will provide good-paying union jobs, and it’s the best solution to ensure our lakes are protected while transporting propane to families up north who depend on it to heat their homes.-Rep. Joseph Bellino. 

Representative Wentworth's Press Release

“The agreement reached between state leaders and Enbridge will better protect the Great Lakes Basin and vastly improve the delivery of needed energy and communications services,” Wentworth said. “What makes this entire process even better is that Enbridge is footing the bill – 100 percent. The company is paying the full $500 million tab, so Michigan’s hard-working taxpayers don’t lose out at all". -Rep. Jason Wentworth.

Representative LaFave's Press Release

“Constructing a new tunnel for Line 5 is unquestionably the best option for our state,” LaFave said. “Our water resources are some of our state’s greatest treasures, and they must be protected. The tunnel agreement reached between state leaders and Enbridge a couple years ago is the best plan for doing so. Allowing a brand-new pipeline with additional safety measures, while continuing to deliver crucial resources, is the common-sense answer all of our communities need". -Rep. Beau LaFave. 

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