Line 5 St. Clair River Horizontal Directional Drill Project has been Completed

Enbridge has completed the replacement of Line 5 St. Clair River crossing. The work to replace the St. Clair River crossing segment of the Line 5 pipeline came as part of the agreement signed between Enbridge and the State under the Snyder administration. Work began in March of 2020 and crews used horizontal directional drilling from the U.S. side of the river and  pulled the new 2,800 foot section of 30-inch diameter pipe through the borehole. The new section of pipeline was placed into service on July 30 and is now operational.

"Honoring its commitment to enhance pipeline safety and environmental safeguards in Michigan, Enbridge has completed the replacement of the segment of Line 5 that crosses the St. Clair River," said Ryan Duffy, a communication strategist with Enbridge, "Using horizontal directional drilling technology to place the pipeline under the riverbed, the new segment is now in service."

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