MDHHS Issues New Workplace Safety Guidance

On November 6, 2020, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) released new guidance for employers concerning workplace safety. The MDHHS guidance, issued with reference to the MIOSHA Emergency Rules, highlights the elements of a safe work environment, including:

  • Create a COVID preparedness plan that includes exposure determination procedures and details the measures that will be taken to reduce employee exposure
  • Establish clear workplace procedure that includes a COVID–19 coordinator, mandates face coverings, ensures access to PPE, and trains employees on procedures & social distancing
  • Conduct daily self–screening of staff working in person that includes assessments of symptoms of COVID–19 and excludes those who are symptomatic
  • Strengthen workplace cleaning / disinfecting procedures so that it is done as frequently as possible and can be enhanced if a sick employee is suspected or confirmed to have COVID–19
  • Collaborate with Local Health Departments so that they will have the information necessary to conduct contact tracing if an employee contracts COVID–19

Lastly, the guidance stresses the need to allow employees to work from home if possible in order to minimize the presence of individuals in areas where COVID–19 may spread more easily. Employers should only permit in-person work if a worker is unable to physically complete required job tasks from a remote setting, such as food service or auto assembly workers, or a job involving protected data that cannot be accessed remotely.

The MDHHS guidance “Keeping a Safe Workplace” can be found Here

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