MI Chem Council to Host Regulatory Drone Webinar

Catalyst Series Webinar - What Facility Operators Should Know About Drone Technologies and Regulations

Thursday August 6, 2020. 12:00 PM-1:00 PM EDT


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According to the FAA, there are more than 1.5 million unmanned aerial vehicles (or drones) registered in the U.S., and with growth exceeding previous projections, that number could triple over the next four years. As the prevalence and complexity of drone technologies increases, operators of commercial and industrial facilities are presented with many new questions and challenges, including:

  • How are drones being used in new ways?
  • How might drones impact my facility’s security?
  • How are regulatory agencies like OSHA and Michigan’s EGLE using drones for compliance purposes?

It is important to note there are a number of recent changes in federal and state laws and regulations that govern drone operations. Facility operators should be familiar with these provisions, and the rights and recourses available to them. In Michigan, these include heightened protections for “key facilities” that include chemical plants, refineries, electric and gas utilities, water treatment facilities, petroleum terminals, railroads, ports, or trucking terminals, pulp and paper manufacturers, and telecommunication facilities. Attendees will come away with valuable information that is generally-applicable for sites across the U.S., as well as specific information about Michigan’s unique laws and circumstances.

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