What Does Phase 4 of the MI Safe Start Plan Look Like?

Phase 4 of the MI Safe Start Plan: Improving 

This phase occurs when the number of new cases and deaths has fallen for
a period of time, but overall case levels are still high. When in the Improving
phase, most new outbreaks are quickly identified, traced, and contained
due to robust testing infrastructure and rapid contact tracing. Health system
capacity can typically handle these new outbreaks, and therefore case fatality
rate does not rise above typical levels. Though a community might be in a
declining phase, the overall number of infected individuals still indicate the
need for distancing to stop transmission and move to the next phase.

Businesses and organizations
Most business and organizations will be open throughout this phase under
strict safety measures. These include:
Retail: Permitted with additional safety measures and guidelines
(e.g., limited capacity)
Public Transportation: Permitted
Restaurants & Bars: Available for take-out, delivery and drive-through only
Manufacturing: Permitted with additional safety measures and guidelines
Construction: Permitted with additional safety measures and guidelines
Food & Agriculture: Permitted
Offices: Open (remote work still required where feasible)
• Education: Remote learning in K-12 and higher education, summer
programs in small groups
Outdoor work: Permitted with additional safety measures and guidelines

Personal and social

Social Distancing: In place, maintain a six-foot distance from other when
outdoors / in public
Face coverings: Required
Gatherings: Limited to small groups with social distancing
Outdoor Recreation: Walking, hiking, biking, golfing, boating permitted.
Activities permitted in small groups with social distancing
Quarantine/Isolation: Individuals who have confirmed or suspected
COVID-19 must isolate, and any individual with a known exposure must
quarantine, according to CDC and public health guidance
At-risk populations: All at-risk individuals should continue to shelter in
place. Members of households with at-risk residents should be aware
that by returning to work or other environments where distancing is not
possible, they could carry the virus back home. Precautions should be
taken to isolate from at-risk residents. Businesses should strongly consider
special accommodations for personnel who are members of an at-risk

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