Michigan Chamber Supports Sound Science

Listen to science, not bumper stickers.

That's the message delivered by the Michigan Chamber of Commerce in a statement of support for Michigan's oil and gas industry and, specifically, Line 5. 

The Michigan Chamber of Commerce issued the statement in response to an independent report released by the State of Michigan on Line 5, an important part of Michigan’s energy infrastructure.   

“The Michigan Chamber agrees that the Great Lakes are a tremendous natural resource and state government should take reasonable steps to protect water quality,” said Michigan Chamber President & CEO Rich Studley. “However, the notion that we cannot protect water resources and safely transmit vital energy resources is simply not true.”

“Line 5 has undergone rigorous testing and benefits from continuous monitoring and maintenance,” noted Jason Geer, Director of Energy & Environmental Policy for the Michigan Chamber. “Further, extensive safety tests and inspections of Line 5, which have not identified any safety risk concerns, have been overseen and reviewed by state and federal regulatory authorities.”

“Alternative Analysis Report confirmed what we already knew: pipelines remain the safest, smartest and most efficient means of transporting energy and fuels,” added Geer. “Michigan’s energy infrastructure is vital to our economic security, and Line 5 plays a vital role in delivering the resources Michigan citizens and businesses rely upon.”

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