Michigan Legislators vote to extend the State's Emergency Declaration through April 30, 2020

The state House and Senate have voted to extend the state's emergency declaration an additional 23 days. With the passing Senate Concurrent Resolution 24 of 2020, the declaration is now set to expire on April 30, 2020.

This action comes after Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed Executive Order 2020-33, expanding the current COVID-19 Emergency Declaration into mid-June. The Governor needed a concurrent resolution from the State House and Senate to extend the state of emergency and disaster declared in EO 2020-33 by 70 days from the date of the resolution. The Legislature, however, approved a shorter extension of 23 days as opposed to 70 days.  

In a statement made last week, responding to Whitmer’s request to extend the current state of emergency another 70 days, Shirkey, R-Clark Lake, said Senate Republicans are prepared to support a “reasonable” extension. But because the circumstances surrounding the virus have changed so rapidly, “we feel a much shorter extension is logical to help protect our citizens and support our health systems,” he said. “We agree that emergency circumstances persist in our state and are prepared to support an extension of the Governor’s emergency declaration, but feel a 70-day extension is too long," he said.


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