Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund board recommends $25 million to enhance public outdoor recreation

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund board has recommended $25.6 million in grant awards for outdoor recreation development and land acquisition projects to the state Legislature.

 60 recreation development projects and 18 land acquisition projects


“The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund is critical in providing people of all ages and abilities with more and better opportunities to experience our state’s woods, water and outdoor heritage,” said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. “Every year, millions of residents and visitors swim our lakes, hike our forests, bike our trails and connect with the outdoors in dozens of other ways. Trust Fund support, this year and every year, ensures that those experiences are here for current and future generations.”

The board’s recommendations will go to the state Legislature for review as part of the appropriations process. Upon approval, the Legislature will forward a bill for the governor’s signature.

The board this year recommended $25.6 million in grant funding, including $11.5 million for 60 recreation development projects and $14.1 million for 18 land acquisition projects. Grant recipients have committed to providing matching funds of $17 million, bringing the total investment in outdoor recreation and conservation to nearly $43 million for this funding cycle.

Of the $14.1 million recommended to fund acquisition projects, $10.3 million would be awarded to local units of government and $3.8 million would support five DNR projects. Of the $11.5 million recommended to fund development grants, $9.6 million would support 51 local government projects and $1.9 million would support nine DNR projects.

The board considered a total of 160 applications seeking nearly $54 million in funding. In a competitive process, all eligible applications were evaluated on scoring criteria developed by the board.


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