Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to limit in-person hearings to the extent feasible

In response to the Governor’s recommendations related to COVID-19, the Michigan Public Service Commission is taking the following steps related to meetings involving Commissioners and MPSC Staff:

  • Regularly scheduled Commission meetings: Commission meetings will continue to be held. Commission meetings are livestreamed on the internet (YouTube.com/MichiganPublicServiceCommission) and are also archived to be able to watch after the meeting has taken place. The public is encouraged to utilize these options rather than attending in person if circumstances allow. The public may also submit comments to Commissioners via email at [email protected].
  • Administrative hearings before Administrative Law Judges in pending MPSC cases: The Commission has asked the ALJs to limit in-person hearings to the extent feasible. Members of the public planning to attend a hearing scheduled for March should call the Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules at (517) 284-8130 or check the E-Docket system on the MPSC’s website before traveling to Lansing. The Commission welcomes written comments in all cases. Parties who have filed appearances in ongoing cases will be contacted directly by the assigned ALJ.  
  • MI Power Grid and other meetings involving stakeholders: All stakeholder meetings, including MI Power Grid meetings, will only be offered via teleconference until further notice. Meetings will still take place at regularly scheduled dates and times, but will not take place in person.
  • Smaller meetings between Commissioners and/or Staff and external stakeholders: To the extent possible, these meetings will either be converted to teleconferences, or will be postponed to a later date. Please be on the lookout for a follow-up message from individual meeting organizers.
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