Michigan Residents Speak: We Don't Want Ban


An effort by a small group of anti-hydraulic fracturing supporters has failed again.

At a gathering in Lansing yesterday, the Committee to Ban Michigan Fracking announced that for the third time in as many tries, it had failed to receive enough signature support from Michigan's residents to place the issue on the 2016 ballot.

The moral of this third failed attempt is clear: Michigan's residents do not support a ban and the data is clear that hydraulic fracturing is a safe and effective use of our natural resources


Michigan's residents understand the importance of its oil and gas industry and the nearly 23,000 Michigan jobs we directly support. They believe in Michigan-produced energy and in Michigan’s bright future.

Since 1952, more than 12,000 wells have been developed using hydraulic fracturing without any instances of environmental damage. Hydraulic fracturing has decreased our dependence on foreign derived energy, spurred American innovation, and created Michigan jobs. Unfortunately, groups like Ban Michigan Fracking and their (BAN) initiative fail to acknowledge these facts and we are thankful that Michigan's residents are able to separate fact from fiction.

We disagree with the notion of banning the very technologies and practices that are making exploration safer, smarter and better than ever before. The BAN initiative presents us with an all-or-nothing decision on a process that nearly every regulator – from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) – say can and is being done safely.

Michiganders understand the sound science behind the process and recognize the great environmental record Michigan’s oil and gas producers have in our state. While there will be threats to the industry such as this, the facts prove that the industry is safe, efficient and vital to Michigan's economy.

Partnership efforts such as the Protect Michigan’s Energy Future Coalition’s, “Decline To Sign” campaign and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce ensured that the facts were presented to Michigan’s citizens.

MOGA and its partners stand ready to defend the hardworking people of our industry and will continue to look forward, as we recognize the potential our industry has in Michigan’s bright future.

For more information on the Immense positive impact Michigan’s Oil and Gas Industry has on the State’s economy, take a look at recently released Michigan Oil And Gas Industry Economic Impact Study

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