Michigan's Home Grown Energy


“You have to tell the right story because people just think that oil and gas is big companies, but 88 percent are small- and medium-sized companies,” said U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, during Energy Dialogues LLC’s North American Gas Forum (NAGF)

An article published by Rigzone, reiterated the sentiment of several members of congress from energy producing states that took part in a panel discussion last week in D.C.

 “The oil and gas industry needs to do a better job of defining itself to the public to counter ongoing opposition from various anti-industry forces”.  

Here in Michigan, we are doing just that! 


Michigan’s Oil and Gas industry is made up of small, and often multi-generational family-owned businesses in communities across our state. Through these small businesses, Michigan’s home state energy production provides secure, affordable, and reliable energy to drive Michigan’s economy.

Michigan’s production community contributes substantially to our state’s overall energy supply; Michigan’s workforce and to family livelihoods;  the state’s economic strength in terms of GDP output;  to tax revenue support for local and state governments; and in support of small businesses throughout Michigan. Finally, we are a partner with the state in ensuring that Michigan’s great outdoor heritage – its public lands, forest and beaches, and its state and local parks – continue to be sources of recreation, rejuvenation and diverse habitats for generations to come.

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