Michigan's Potash Stash


(Photo: Mike Lanka, Western Michigan University)

About a mile-and-a-half underground in north-central Michigan, an almost-forgotten reserve of the potassium-rich mineral salt potash could be worth $65 billion to the Michigan economy.

A widely used agricultural fertilizer, Michigan's potash may be some of the purest found anywhere in the world. It's spurring a Colorado engineer and geologist's plan for a more than $700-million mining and processing facility in Osceola County. 

"This is a transformative, generational opportunity for Osceola County," said Michigan Potash CEO Theodore Pagano. "One of the world's tightest-controlled commodities sits in Evart Township, and it's the highest-graded ore by a factor of two. And it sits in a location better than anybody else's in the world." 

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