Michigan Voters Will Decide Fate of State Parks Improvements Plan

In 2020, Michigan voters will be weighing in on whether more oil and gas revenue should be steered to state park improvements instead of land and development purchases under a measure that passed the House and Senate with two-thirds support.

Sen. Tom Casperson's SJR O, SB 0763, SB 0931 and SB 0932 would rearrange how officials could spend the oil, gas and mineral revenue that goes into the Michigan State Parks Endowment Fund (MSPEF) above $800 million. Currently, it required that half of these revenues be spent on land purchases and development. The rest must be spent on maintaining state parks. 

This new package of bills would put 55 percent toward state park operations and infrastructure and 15 percent toward local development projects. The other 30 would go to the principal of the NSPEF 

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