MNRTF Board recommends $26M to enhance public outdoor recreation

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Board recommended $26 million in grants for outdoor recreation development and land acquisition projects for approval by the state Legislature.

The board recommended a total of $26 million in grant funding, including $7.4 million for 34 recreation developments and $18.6 million for 30 land acquisition projects. The funds will support a variety of outdoor recreation projects and improvements including; expanded public access at popular beach destinations, additional snowmobile and multi use trail easements, facility and playground improvements at urban parks, construction of new trails and connectors, water trail projects and sports field expansions.

Funding for these projects is provided in part by revenue derived from royalties on the sale and lease of state-owned oil, gas, and mineral rights. the MNRTF has contributed immeasurably to protecting our states natural beauty and helped pave the way for wise and prudent development of our state's abundant energy resources.

“Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grants make a long-lasting impact in communities across Michigan, providing a positive impact on the lifestyles of Michiganders through better public access to outdoor recreation opportunities, while giving a boost to regional economies,” said Gov. Rick Snyder. “The Trust Fund is a unique Michigan model that is working to yield benefits around the state.”

The board's recommendations will go to the state Legislature for review as part of the appropriations process. Upon approval, the Legislature will forward a bill for the governor’s signature.

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