MOGA Driving Positive Change

Recently, MOGA had the opportunity to host Representative Brandt Iden’s Business Round Table in Kalamazoo.

Building on the Economic Contribution Study launch, we plan to spend 2017 continuing strategic outreach around the state and educating industry members, key decision makers, local communities and organizations about the value of oil and natural gas production and infrastructure.

This particular presentation to more than 30 local business leaders and elected officials focused on the economic contribution of Michigan’s oil and gas industry in Southwest Michigan.  As an industry, we are focused on improving our outreach and educational efforts around the industry.  To date, our educational efforts have received a positive reception around the state and we look forward to continuing to provide outreach about the local Michigan companies who produce crude oil and natural gas in the state and the economic benefits of our industry.

If you know of any business round tables, local chambers, or other organizations in your area that may benefit from a presentation on our positive impact in their local communities please don’t hesitate to reach out to MOGA by phone at (517) 487-1092 and by email at [email protected]

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