MOGN Month In Review: May 2017

Michigan Oil & Gas News May 2017 Headlines

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May 5

BULLETIN: Small group of bidders pay $32.75 per acre for 1,529.78 acres at May 4 state lease auction

Sunoco Logistics Partners and Energy Transfer Partners announce successful completion of merger

State oil and gas lease auction tracts offered, sold May 4, 2017

Revisions to PPC reporting schedules explained April 20 by Office of Minerals Management’s Chrysler

May 12

Registration for 2017 MOGA Picnic golf to open at 8 a.m. on Monday, 22

West Bay Exploration Co. sets 5 ½-inch production casing on Hall 2-30 in Gladwin Co.

Core Energy LLC announces hiring of Jordan Ritsema as staff petroleum engineer

Bigard & Huggard Drilling Rig 2 released from Hall 2-30, scheduled to move in May 12 on Grove 1-15

Beckman Production Services Rig 32 begins work on casing exit horizontal redrill of Colbrook 5-24 HD1

Riverside Energy Michigan, LLC acquires Antrim Shale assets from JDB Energy LLC

2017 MOGA / No. Mich.–API Michigan Petroleum Conference: Bonus Coverage

No. Mich.–API Golf Outing & Membership Drive set for Friday, June 2 at Twin Birch Golf Course, Kalkaska

Sixty-plus year oilfield veteran and entrepreneur Derrell “Snooks” Wane Eldridge, age 81, dies Sunday, May 7

May 19

MOGA Picnic & Golf Outing set for Thursday, June 15 at Mt. Pleasant Country Club

Key indicators of industry activity–applications, permits, rig count–up as recovery gains momentum

Report assesses underground gas storage vulnerabilities, potential regulator responses

May 26

MOGA Industry Advocates tour Enbridge Line 5 Mackinaw Station May 19

MOGA Industry Advocates posts Line 5 informational materials, checklist of summer action items to help protect Michigan’s critical infrastructure

Enbridge Energy Co.’s John Gauderman and API-Michigan’s Pete Langley discuss Enbridge Line 5 at May 18 meeting of Michigan Oil and Gas Association

MOGA board of directors approves membership applications of one new member May 18

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Trend Services continues to serve state’s oil and gas industry with measurement, calibration and maintenance services after more than 45 years

Small group of bidders pay $32.75 per acre for 1,529.78 acres at May 4 state lease auction

MOGA Picnic & Golf Outing set for Thursday, June 15 at Mt. Pleasant Country Club

Michigan Association of Professional Landmen Annual Presidents Meeting set for Wednesday, June 14 at Mt. Town Brewing Co., Mt. Pleasant

Trendwell Energy Corp. announces details for annual Trendwell River Run canoe trip

Excel Site Rentals adapts to changing market by providing services, not just rental equipment to other companies

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