MOGN Electronic Viewing Instructions

Michigan Oil & Gas News has modified the method of delivery for the electronic version of its Weekly Update and Monthly Report editions.

Instead of sending an email message with the publication file attached, we now email subscribers a URL where the current edition may be retrieved.

If you would like to save the edition for archival purposes, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1


View or open the email in your email program and click the link. If your e-mail program prohibits clicking a link, copy and paste the URL in the message into your web browser location bar.


Step 2


Once you begin to load the page the browser may appear to not be doing anything or may display a blank page after the PDF loads. If you advance to the second page of the PDF and back to the first, this problem will resolve itself. If you receive a Error 404 page, please check to see that your URL was not truncated. The  URL must begin with http://www and will always end in .pdf. To save the PDF for archival purposes, click the download button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Step 3


Browse to the location you wish to save it and click the save button.


The above screenshots show a computer running Outlook 2016, Windows 10 Pro and Chrome Version 53. Many web browsers and mobile devices now come with an integrated PDF reader and may have different methods for saving opened documents.

If your computer or mobile device doesn't have a built in PDF reader, Adobe Reader DC is available to download free of charge at

We have worked hard to make the electronic edition of Michigan Oil & Gas News compatible across many different platforms and devices. If you have any difficulties, questions, or other feedback, please call the Michigan Oil & Gas News office at 989-772-5181 or email [email protected].