OGMD Issues Letter to Operators on Michigan High Water Vulnerability Planning and Assessment

EGLE's Oil, Gas and Minerals Division has sent a letter to the state's oil and gas operators as groundwater elevations have also risen across the state.  The increased groundwater levels, saturation, and high surface water levels increase the potential for flooding and impacts along waterways and within low lying areas. To prepare for the predicted increase in water levels in the near term, EGLE's OGMD is asking all permittees to complete a vulnerability analysis of their assets to minimize potential impacts.

The letter is not meant to describe all items to review, but it offers some key items that may be appropriate to consider. Items to consider in potential flood prone areas include:

  • Increased site inspection and equipment maintenance prioritization by your staff and contractors for areas prone to flooding or shallow ground water during this high water period and especially after large rain events.
  • Evaluation of any action plans in place for well shut-in procedures, including, purging of vulnerable flowlines and draining of storage tanks, cellars, and secondary containment.
  • Assessment of on-site safeguards and of emergency response measures for rapid deployment of personnel and equipment (spill kits, containment booms, etc.).

EGLE’s expectation is that operators complete this vulnerability analysis to identify wells, facilities, and infrastructures that may be at risk as soon as possible.  Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division (OGMD) staff will be increasing inspections and closely monitoring at risk areas during this high water period. If operators have any questions, please feel free to contact OGMD district office staff: or Mr. Mark Snow, Manager, Permitting and Technical Services Section, OGMD at 517-230-8233 or [email protected].

View the letter from OGMD here. 

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