Oil and Gas Rules Package Moves Forward, Clearing the way for a Public Hearing

The new Environmental Rules Review Committee held their first public meeting on Tuesday March 19th in Lansing. The Committee, established last year through Public Act 267 of 2018, was created within the Department of Technology, Management, and Budget to oversee the DEQ’s rulemaking process.

The committee is comprised of four ex-officio department directors from the Department of Environmental Quality, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Agriculture and Rural Development, and Department of Natural Resources as non-voting members. In addition to the Department Directors, the board also consists of twelve voting members representing waste management; manufacturing; small businesses; utilities; environmental; oil and gas; conservancy and agricultural organizations; local governments; public health professionals and the public. MOGA Director David Maness, president of Maness Petroleum is on the Committee, representing Michigan’s oil and gas industry alongside others from these stakeholder groups.

OGMD’s Adam Wygant gave a great presentation to the Committee, outlining the “2019-01 Oil and Gas Operations” rule set. The presentation highlighted the definition clarifications made to satisfy the U.S. EPA’s comments on the State’s UIC Primacy Application. Following the presentation and questions, the Committee considered the rules package and voted to allow it forward into the final steps of the rule-making process. A public hearing can now be scheduled, although the timing is not yet known.

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