Opinion: Michigan Needs Line 5 and The Construction Jobs a Tunnel Would Provide

In a recent guest article in The Detroit News, former Attorney General Mike Cox argues the economic need for protecting and promoting Michigan's critical energy infrastructure. Mike Cox served as Michigan's 52nd Attorney General from 2003-2011 while Jennifer Granholm was Governor. 

"Michigan families need constant, reliable and affordable sources of energy. Those in charge of our state should focus on the economic and energy needs of Michigan families and allow the Line 5 modernization to continue moving our infrastructure forward. Doing so will only help our economy and taxpayers well into the future" 

He also references the important role Michigan's Oil and Gas industry plays in the state, supporting good paying jobs across multiple sectors of the economy. 

"Either directly or indirectly, the oil and natural gas industry in Michigan supports thousands of jobs (and family paychecks) across multiple sectors of the economy". -Mike Cox 

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