"Better ways need to be found to make pipelines safer, rather than forgo the use of pipelines altogether"


A new opinion piece from Mark J. Perry, a professor of economics at the Flint campus of the University of Michigan and a scholar at The American Enterprise Institute featured in the Detroit News emphasizes the importance of ensuring the protection of the Great Lakes while maintaining the critical infrastructure link between Michigan’s peninsulas. The article stresses the need for safe, reliable energy transportation to fuel everyday life here in Michigan.  

"As a state with one of the most robust pipeline systems, Michigan deserves credit for helping to ensure reliable delivery of oil and natural gas to consumers where and when it is needed. Enbridge’s Line 5 in particular provides a vital link to propane and other energy supplies in northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula. Line 5 delivers more than 500,000 barrels daily of crude oil and natural gas liquids, which are refined into propane. These products heat homes and businesses, fuel vehicles, and power industry"

Visit the Detroit News to see the full piece.

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