PSC Highlights Benefits of Michigan's Oil and Gas Industry

Public Sector Consultants has long been one of Lansing's most respected outlets for research and fact-driven information. In a recent article on its "Bright Ideas" website, PSC focuses on the very real benefits of Michigan's oil and gas industry.


In the report, PSC quoted MOGA board chair Jeff Cook and helped tell the tale of the impacts of Michigan's oil and gas industry.

“Michigan isn’t a big oil and gas state like Texas or Alaska,” says Jeff Cook, board chair of the Michigan Oil and Gas Association (MOGA), the organization for whom PSC prepared the report. “But our energy reserves are significant, our proven environmental regulations are a national model and our future looks as stable and steady as our past.”

What exactly does the past look like? In 2015, the state’s oil and gas industry drove $13.6 billion in economic output, generated about $419 million in state and local taxes and directly and indirectly supported more than 47,000 jobs.

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