Public Sector Consults Provides U.P. Energy Task Force with Propane Supply Alternatives Report

According to Public Sector Consultants (PSC) analysis of propane supply alternatives, a disruption to Line 5 would affect 87% of the UP's propane supply, 42% of the Lower Peninsula's supply and 46% of the state's overall supply. 

The state's UP Energy Task Force asked Public Sector Consultants  to look at propane supply alternatives for Michigan as part of the task force's charge of formulating alternative solutions to meeting the UP's energy needs. The 115-page PSC report (That can be found here) is intended to accompany the UP Energy Task Force's final recommendations to Whitmer and will help the task force as they prepare their recommendations. 

Task Force is required to submit a propane plan to the Governor by March 31, 2020, focused on alternative means to supply propane to the UP.

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