Reminder: Employers must determine which of their workers are "critical infrastructure workers" and inform their employees they’ve been deemed as such

Per Executive Order 2020-21, employers have through March 31st to verbally communicate with employees that they wish to consider critical Infrastructure workers (essential staff). An oral designation is sufficient through March 31st, after which, employers must provide "critical infrastructure employees" with written designation, this can be in the form of a letter, by email, or post on the company website. 
There is not a requirement under Executive Order 2020-21 to carry credentials or paperwork with you while they travel to and from the work site. While the Administration does not require employees to carry such written designation on their person while they travel to and from the work site, we recommend that you encourage them to do so.
A written designation can be fairly basic and the state has not issued any requirements for content of the written designations.  I recommend including the following;
  • Employee Name
  • Employee Critical infrastructure worker designation
  • A brief description as to why the company has determined the employee is a "critical infrastructure worker"(ie. why they're essential to ensure safe and continued operations).
  • The steps the company is taking to ensure employee safety, or links to additional safety guidance.
  •  Employer signature.
  • Contact information. 
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