Ruling Protects DEQ Authority Over Drilling


A lawsuit filed by the City of Southfield was thrown out of Oakland County Circuit Court this week, upholding the Department of Environmental Quality's authority to determine what is and isn't an acceptable drill site.


Former state Attorney General Mike Cox, who represented Word of Faith and Jordan Development in the case, praised the judge's ruling.

"The opinion is pretty clear to say that the Legislature says that the Supervisor of Wells, which is the DEQ, makes these calls," he said.

The alternative, Cox said, would be oil and gas developers struggling to comply with local regulations that varied widely from place to place — running counter to the law's stated mission of developing Michigan's oil and gas resources.

"It would be a patchwork of regulation that no one could figure out," he said. "It would just have horrendous consequences for regular folks — not only for people who want to drill."

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