Strengthening the community through the support of Single MOMM

In 2008, Jennifer Finnigan Poole started Single MOMM, a non-profit based out of Traverse City, to lead the change in the way our culture perceives, values, and guides single moms forward to confidence and purpose. As a single mom herself, she came to realize how hard it was to make it, even with the education and strong family support she had been blessed with. She wanted to help others who did not have the resources she was afforded to reach healthy independence as well. The group meets single moms wherever they’re at in life and helps them move along in the restorative process.

Healthy woman = healthy mom = healthy family = healthy communities.

Their mission, “cultivating communities on a mission to ignite hope, healing, and confidence within single moms through story based awareness, mentorship, and guidance”,  has really resonated with Michigan’s oil and gas industry and has many MOGA members excited to get involved in the great work they’re doing. Bob Mannes, President of Core Energy and his wife Kristen have been long time supporters of the organization and have encouraged others in the industry to join in backing Single MOMM.


Longtime Single MOMM supporters, Bob Mannes, John Wilson, and Single MOMM Board Member, Mike Miller join Jennifer Finnegan Pool, founder and CEO of Single MOMM at Swingshift and the Stars on November 15, 2019 in Traverse City.

Visit to learn more about the great work they are doing in communities across northern Michigan and check out for more information on upcoming events.

Prior to November 15th, Michigan’s oil and gas industry had raised $115,000 for Single MOMM. With the industry’s generous support, the organization will be able to put a local director in the Cadillac/Lake City area and continue to grow their community network for single moms. Thanks to the generosity of private donors, the group has already been able to expand its services into several counties outside of Grand Traverse, including; Antrim, Missaukee, Leland, Otsego, and Wexford and is looking to expand into Lansing and Holland. With the growth, Single MOMM can provide even more opportunities for women to walk down a path to strengthen their own families and walk off assistance.

On November 15th, MOGA President Erin McDonough and Core Energy President, Bob Mannes were on the Ron Jolly Show to talk Michigan's oil and gas industry; charitable giving, economic contribution in communities across the state, and how the industry works to enhance outdoor recreation opportunities.

Bob and Erin discussed single MOMM and the group’s participation in Swingshift and the Stars on November 15th, where several local charities were set the stage in a lip synch competition at the City Opera House in Traverse City the night of the radio interview. When asked why she felt Michigan’s oil and gas industry was so eager to support Single MOMM, Erin praised the industry’s focus on strengthening families, communities, and our home state. 

“We are local, small, independent companies that have been here in Michigan and producing oil and gas for over 80 years. These are people that live here, work here, and play here. So when you look at what Single MOMM accomplishes, I completely understand why our members are so excited to get involved the great work they’re doing. Single MOMM helps build a network of support and through it, a sense of community for single moms.  Our industry certainly understands and values the importance of strong community. Single MOMM works to create healthy independence in women wherever they’re at in life. That independent spirit is something that is embodied by our industry. Our members are also successful business people who appreciate a return on investment. Jennifer, her staff, and volunteers have helped 1,500 families in the region already, moving to break the cycle of generational poverty and providing them the confidence and support they need to lead healthy, successful lives.”

-Erin McDonough, President of the Michigan Oil and Gas Association

You can find the link to the podcast at

Swingshift and the Stars combines good-natured competition with an affordable opportunity for charities to educate the community about their mission. The 2019 fundraising events included dance offs and lip-syncing battles from September through December with 8 non-profit participants; Bethany Christian Services, Single MOMM, Spark in the Dark,  Upbound at work, Communities in Schools, Norte, Traverse City Christian School, and TC Titans Rowing.

The night’s Swingshift and the Stars was an incredible event with some great local oil and gas industry turnout. As advertised, Swingshift certainly puts the FUN in fundraising.

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