The Start of a Revolution

“It is one of the most extraordinarily important, disruptive, technologically driven changes in the history of energy,” said Ed Morse, global head of commodity research at Citigroup. “It was revolutionary for the U.S. economy and it was revolutionary geopolitically.”


The process of hydraulic fracturing is not new, in fact, in Michigan hydraulic fracturing has been used since the 1950s. An estimated 12,00 Michigan production wells have utilized the method for producing natural gas and oil effectively, efficiently, and safely. However, its the combination of new hydraulic fracturing technologies and horizontal drilling that have helped spur the Shale Revolution and enabled the United States to dramatically increase our own oil and natural gas production. Michigan producers consistently have used hydraulic fracturing to meet our state’s energy needs while protecting the environment

Hydraulic fracturing is a safe, proven and essential process for recovering natural gas and oil from reserves found deep below the earth and often in tight rock. Low Permeability rock formations, such as the Antrim Shale formation, are common to Michigan’s geology and contain stores of natural gas that are important to Michigan’s energy supply. Hydraulic Fracturing is essential to the successful development of many oil and gas wells in Michigan because of this low permeability. We could not produce economically viable volumes of natural gas without the use of hydraulic fracturing.

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