Throw Back Thursday in the Gaylord Herald Times looks back at beginning of the industry in Otsego County

This week the Gaylord Herald Times featured an article titled "Step back in time: A look back at Otsego County's oil and gas industry" that looks back on the oil and gas industry in Otsego County as told by the “Otsego County Centennial, 1875-1975.”

The following is sourced from “Otsego County Centennial, 1875-1975.”

The oil and gas industry has been good for the county, the state and the nation. In addition to increasing the personal wealth of a few county residents, who still held the mineral rights of their property, the presence of these companies have meant increased employment for our county, this has meant jobs not only for the 550 workers directly employed for production and exploration but also the service industries so necessary to the success of their operation, such as welding supply companies and equipment servicemen.

As we enter our second century we know that Otsego County will contribute to the national need for energy in a very tangible way.

Read the piece in full on the Gaylord Herald Times website.

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