Trump Order Promotes Energy Independence


On March 28, an Executive Order was issued by the Trump Administration outlining a series of actions to be taken related to promoting energy independence and economic growth in the U.S.  Highlights of particular interest to the industry include:


 Sec. 2: Immediate review of all agency actions that potentially burden the safe, efficient development of domestic energy resources;

Sec. 5: Review of estimates of the social cost of carbon, nitrous oxide and methane for regulatory impact analysis;

Sec. 7: Review of the final rule entitled “Oil and Natural Gas Sector: Emission Standards for New, Reconstructed, and Modified Sources” (Administrator of the EPA); and

Sec. 7: Review of four oil and gas related rules on federal lands (Secretary of the Interior)

 A full copy of the President’s Executive Order can be found here.

 In the White House Press Release, the EO is stated to have four key goals:

1)      MUCH NEEDED REFORM: The past Administration burdened Americans with costly regulations that harmed American jobs and energy production.

2)      AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: President Donald J. Trump’s Energy Independence Policy Executive Order reverse the regulations on American jobs and energy production.

3)      FREEING AMERICA’S POTENTIAL: President Trump has worked tirelessly to free American industry and ingenuity from the constraints of Government overreach.

4)      FULFILLING HIS PROMISE: By taking action on the Clean Power Plan, President Trump is fulfilling his promise to the American people.

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