Webinar Opportunity! "Geologic Mapping to Empower Communities: Examples from the Great Lakes

Geologic Mapping to Empower Communities: Examples from the Great Lakes

The American Geosciences Institute's Critical Issues Program free webinar

 Wednesday December 6, 2017, at 1:30 PM EST.

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Critical Issues Webinar: "Geologic Mapping to Empower Communities: Examples from the Great Lakes"
Less than one-third of the U.S. is mapped at the level of detail necessary to make informed planning decisions on a local scale concerning natural resources, natural hazards, infrastructure planning, and environmental stewardship. In the Great Lakes region, the Great Lakes Geologic Mapping Coalition (GLGMC), a group including U.S. and Canadian state and provincial geological surveys, is producing detailed 3D geologic maps that are helping to provide decision-relevant information to Great Lakes state communities. Due to similar regional geology, these state surveys can work together, sharing their expertise and resources so that each can better address geologic issues in their area. Working with the communities, the GLGMC provides and makes maps that solve problems such as groundwater contamination and resource development.

This AGI Critical Issues webinar will introduce geologic mapping in the Great Lakes region, showcase projects from the GLGMC, and review planning decisions made based on their work. Speakers will discuss case studies of recent and ongoing projects in their states where geologic maps inform major decisions and empower communities to protect their people, resources, and economies.

• Richard Berg, Director, Illinois State Geological Survey
• Harvey Thorleifson, Director, Minnesota Geological Survey
• Jason Thomason, Associate Hydrogeologist and Section Head; Hydrogeology and Geophysics, Illinois State Geological Survey
• John Yellich, Director, Michigan Geological Survey

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