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The Great Lakes State is home to many small, family owned companies that produce oil and gas, employing 47,000 Michigan residents. We are passionate about meeting our state's energy needs while giving back to local communities and conserving the amazing natural resources that make our state so special. 

Read more about the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and the industry's economic contribution to the state. Or Click Here to see process of hydraulic fracturing, a safe, proven, and essential technique that is essential to accessing oil and gas reserves in deep, tight formations.   

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Cutting edge technologies and bright young minds will continue to drive Michigan’s oil and gas industry into the future.

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Michigan's oil and gas industry drives Michigan's economy. The Economic Contribution Study conducted by Public Sector Consultants illustrates that fact with abundant clarity.



The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) is one of the most important ways the Michigan oil and gas industry helps improve and protect Michigan’s natural resources.

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) was established under the Kammer Recreational Land Trust Fund Act of 1976 to provide a permanent funding source for the public acquisition of land for resource protection and public outdoor recreation. Funding is provided by revenue derived from royalties on the sale and lease of state-owned oil, gas and mineral rights. This landmark piece of legislation came to fruition thanks to the collaborative efforts of Michigan Oil and Gas Association (MOGA), Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) and state legislators on behalf of all Michigan citizens.

MNRTF has contributed immeasurably to protecting our state’s natural beauty and helped paved the way for wise and prudent development of our state’s abundant energy resources. Since the creation of the MNRTF in 1976, the oil and gas industry has contributed over $1 billion to Michigan’s state & local parks, waterways, trails and nature preserves throughout all 83 counties.

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Oil and Gas: The Lifeblood of Michigan's Economy

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Enbridge Moves Forward with Rock and Soil Sampling

Enbridge will continue with rock and soil sampling in the Straits this week as it moves its previously land based sampling operation onto the water. 6-inch-diameter holes will be drilled up to 150 feet into the lakebed  to determine the best place for the tunnel.The geotechnical work is part of a $40 million investment into pre-construction work and will help to keep the tunnel construction on the proposed timeline.  Once the results of the geotechnical studies are in, tunnel design work can begin as early as 2020.


Enbridge remains committed to the tunnel as talks with the Governor fall short of reaching an agreed timeline

Barring any permitting delays, Enbridge maintains it could complete a tunnel to house Line 5 by 2024. After which, they would decommission the existing line. Gov. Whitmer, however, has held firm to seeing the pipeline out of the water in two years. The decommissioning of Line 5 without a replacement would severally impact Michigan’s homes and businesses. The energy – gasoline, diesel, home heating propane, and the thousands of petroleum products derived from these resources, need to safely and efficiently reach communities across the state.

Enbridge has said it will continue moving forward with its plan to build an underground Straits tunnel by 2024. The company has secured the permits for rock and soil sampling work, but any delays in additional permitting could push the proposed completion date beyond 2024. Stay updated as the story continues to develop by visiting michiganoilandgas.org/news.

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Q&A: What happens if the state shuts down Line 5  

An editorial from Chad Livengood featured in Crain's Detroit Business News takes a closer look at the negative impacts a permanent shutdown of Line 5 could have on not only Michigan, but Canada and surrounding states as well. 

"A permanent shutdown of Enbridge Energy Co.'s Line 5 oil pipeline could have a major downstream impact on trade with Canada, energy supplies for multiple states and the price of jet fuel for airplanes at Detroit Metro Airport and residential propane in the Lower Peninsula."

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EGLE names Dr. Brandy Brown as Climate and Energy Advisor

 Dr. Brandy Brown has been named the department’s climate and energy advisor. Brown will lead the Office of Climate and Energy, which Governor Gretchen Whitmer created in February 2019 when forming EGLE via Executive Order 2019-6. The office will coordinate Michigan’s response to climate change across state departments and agencies, and provide recommendations, guidance and assistance on climate change mitigation, adaptation and resiliency strategies.

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Governor Whitmer Signs Executive Order Creating UP Energy Task Force

On Friday, June 7, 2019, Governor Whitmer signed Executive Order 2019-14 creating the UP Energy Task Force. This action comes as the Governor and Enbridge failed to reach an agreeable timeline for the replacement and decommission of the existing Line 5 pipeline. According to the press release, the new task force will assess the UP’s overall energy needs and how they are currently being met; identify and evaluate potential changes in energy supply and distribution; and formulate alternative solutions to meet the UP’s energy needs – including alternatives to the current distribution of propane through Line 5

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The future looks bright as Petroleum and Natural Gas are predicted to remain the top energy sources for world energy consumption through 2040 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)


The graph above depicts the increasing consumption of natural gas as well as petroleum and other liquids, as they remain the top energy sources for world energy consumption through 2040 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

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Michigan's Oil and Natural Gas Industry Fuels Michigan Wildlife Recovery

We often think about the great trails and parks the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and the State Parks Endowment Fund have helped to create and maintain, but what about the connection between Michigan's local oil and gas production and our state's abundant wildlife?

In an opinion column published yesterday in The Detroit News, Leon Drolet, Macomb County Commissioner and Chair of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance details how oil and natural gas have helped fuel wildlife recovery across the Great Lakes Region.

"Environmental awareness, conservation practices, and regulation have substantially improved our environment. But the role of oil and gas is rarely understood or appreciated. It is a sad irony that anti-fracking and anti-oil pipeline activists are working to ban the very industries that made the resurgence of our forests and improved air quality possible".

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