PSC Highlights Benefits of Michigan's Oil and Gas Industry

Public Sector Consultants has long been one of Lansing's most respected outlets for research and fact-driven information. In a recent article on its "Bright Ideas" website, PSC focuses on the very real benefits of Michigan's oil and gas industry. READ MORE


The Michigan Office of Oil, Gas and Minerals has changed the areas of the state covered by certain of its field geologists.  

Click here for a map showing the areas covered by and contact information of OOGM staff.




MOGA Helping Hunters

Michigan’s oil and gas industry has provided tremendous benefit to the state.

From economic impact to jobs to energy, the benefits of a robust oil and gas industry are many. Well, add wildlife habitat to the list. READ MORE

Report Clears Fracking and Debunks Activist Claims

There is no evidence that fracking contaminated groundwater in Pavillion, Wyo., according to a landmark report released by the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ). From the DEQ fact sheet: “Evidence does not indicate that hydraulic fracturing fluids have risen to shallow depths utilized by water-supply wells. Also, based on an evaluation of hydraulic fracturing history, and methods used in the Pavillion Gas Field, it is unlikely that hydraulic fracturing has caused any impacts to the water-supply wells.”  READ MORE



EPA to collect information about oil and gas facilities through mandatory methane surveys

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will require owner / operators of oil and gas facilities to complete and submit surveys requesting information about the facilities as part of an effort to develop standards for methane emissions for the oil and gas industry under the Clean Air Act (CAA). READ MORE

EPA Data: Methane Emissions Dropping Fast

 New data from the EPA shows that methane emissions large oil and gas facilities continue to drop -- and fast. READ MORE


NOAA: Oil and Gas Production Not Responsible For Methane Increases

A new study from researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reveals that microbial sources such as rice paddies and wetlands are the cause of the global increase in methane emissions, not fossil fuel development. READ MORE


MOGA Member Explains State of Drilling

Michigan Oil and Gas Association member Phil Koro with Riverside Energy Michigan spoke with Michigan Radio on the topic of the current state of drilling in Michigan, providing some background on the issue. READ MORE

Speaking Up For The Industry

An informational meeting regarding the use of hydraulic fracturing was held recently in Huron County and attendees were given the facts by members of Michigan's oil and gas industry. READ MORE

Speaking Out for Michigan's Oil and Gas Industry

A letter from Michigan Oil and Gas Association board chair Jeff Cook was featured recently in the Detroit News.

Cook's letter was in response to a piece in the News regarding the drop in oil prices and their impacts on Michigan's oil and gas industry. READ MORE




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